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Mar / 6

Party in Paradise — Part III — The Week After

THE FOOD – I have to talk about the food. My goal, from the time I was a small girl, was to eat my way around the world. It’s taken me 70 years to get from Norway to the Philippines. Since I intend to live another 20 or 30 years,  and I still have a lot […]


Feb / 20

Film Funding

OUR PROGRESS >>> The fromvoodootovogue.com site is NOT where people can donate, even though it’s built to appear as if the film is done or already almost there.  We need funding to make it happen, and the donations can be accepted through a ‘kickstarter’ page that we have setup for it.       •••••WE […]

Incredible back piece from Taiwan artist. My personal Best of Show for the Tattoo Expo.

Feb / 10

Party in Paradise — Part II — The Convention

  The excuse, really, to attend Greg Taylor’s PARTY IN PARADISE TATTOO EXPO, the first convention of its type in Cebu, was to actually see the Philippines. Held in the Cebu International Center, the show was a little slow but throughout the weekend Greg was seen running around, hugging friends,, manning the microphone and laughing, […]

A gigantic "bampboat" sits on the river of sewage like a giant alien insect that warns: "Do not come here."

Feb / 10

Party in Paradise — Part I

          I rarely take vacations. I usually travel for work and that’s how I see the world. But over a year ago, I was invited by a good friend of mine, Greg Taylor, to become a part of the first Party-in-Paradise. a Tattoo Expo in Cebu, Philippines, with a week of […]

Feb / 9

Kickstarter Update #2

New Update on the Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/illthinking/from-voodoo-to-vogue/posts/402131


Feb / 8


Back on the horse that threw me… Sorry I haven’t been writing or posting lately. I do have several posts ready to go but may as well catch up with the most recent happenings. And even they are epic.

Feb / 7

Kickstarter Update #1

Go check out the update!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/illthinking/from-voodoo-to-vogue/posts

Jan / 30

Kickstarting this film

We finally launched the kickstarter for this project.  Just to let you know how it works, kickstarter is a ‘crowd-funding’ platform.  Because it is an ALL OR NOTHING method of funding, we are offering rewards for every sum of money pledged and NOONE will be charged until it is final that all the funding is […]


Jan / 6

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…

JANUARY 6th, 2013 — ROTTERDAM, Holland Today is my last day in Rotterdam (for a while)… tomorrow I jump on British Air to London for a three-hour layover and then an 11-hour flight on VIRGIN AIR to Los Angeles. I’ve been here for almost an entire month and it is starting to feel very home-like. […]

happy new year

Jan / 1


2o12 HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.  It’s been a fabulous year, full of travels, adventures, crises, rewards, surprises, boredom and lots of new friends. I’m settling into a new shop in Austin, Texas, but this year has found me tramping around Europe three times for almost half of the entire year. I feel very Continental. And […]


Dec / 26


  Been an interesting few weeks here in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Getting to know the crew. Marcos (aka Sailor Marc) from Portugal worked with me here at Blue Hawaii Tattoo in Rotterdam. What a charmer. Cute, funny, great tattoo artist. I’ll miss him alot …               And here’s Moira… an […]

The canal behind the Blue Hawaii Tattoo Shop, where I'll be working until January 8th, 2012

Dec / 18


    DECEMBER, 2012 ON THE ROAD AGAIN: I love Holland. Having a Dutch last name (Hellenbrand: translation: Hell’s Fire) makes entry into the Netherlands a breeze. Clearing passport inspection, the young man in the official position behind the counter helpfully asks if I’m here to “visit my family for the Holidays.” I just nodded yes […]


Sep / 3

White Trash Guest Spot

                    Kate is about headed to Norway to get a solid guest spot on at White Trash Tattoo.  If you’re in the area, go get some work.